Fresh Ideas
That Actually

How does an emerging management consulting firm make the Inc. 5000 list five years running?

When a client says
“great idea, can you make it happen,”
we actually can.

When you work with Sense Corp, you get all of Sense Corp. We work together, reaching out across projects/teams for expertise and advice.

Sense Corp knows:


Sense Corp helps telecommunications clients simplify their end-to-end operations while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

While cable, satellite, landline phone, mobile and data providers all have different infrastructures (wired versus wireless), they share many of the same operational aspects: call centers, the customer experience, pricing, marketing, etc. Those just happen to be some of our primary areas of expertise, with special emphasis in the areas of customer care, executive-level operations, marketing and sales.

Click below to read one of our client stories. You’ll see pretty quickly that we’re not like other management consultants. Our people are creative and bring a positive vibe to the workplace that clients describe as energizing. Best of all, the ideas we bring you actually work—we know, because we stick with you from strategy through implementation.


Telecom Segment Leader

It takes expertise combined with a fresh perspective to make changes clients struggle to recognize on their own.

Paula Boukidis,
Segment Leader
Sense Corp Telecom

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Our Culture

Ours may be the only management consulting firm in the country where being brilliant isn’t enough to land you a job. Sense Corp people must measure up on four criteria:

In other words, we hire terrific, well-rounded people. It’s one reason clients love working with us. And why we enjoy working with each other.

Our turnover rate tells the story.


Our turnover rate


The industry standard


Years our executives have been with Sense Corp

We treat our people well.

Sense Corp emphasizes a life balance for all.

New hires receive intensive, ongoing training and mentoring from day one.

We raise money for good causes and volunteer for nonprofits.

And since we live where we work—in different cities—we get together periodically for pure fun: like our annual BBQ competition and yearly getaways to places like Aspen, New Orleans or San Francisco.

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The highly experienced,
exceeding the highest

Sense Corp attracts not only the best and the brightest but also the kind of people clients look forward to working with.

Our People

Meet our greatest assets: a few of the brilliant, human, creative, fun people behind the fresh ideas that actually work. We love what we do and it shows.



About Us

Sense Corp is a new breed management consulting firm. Our clients are hungry for fresh thinking. They like our creativity and expertise. They like that we measure our success by their success, working side by side with them from strategy through implementation. Most of all, they like what they get from us—fresh ideas that actually work.

Sense Corp Guiding Principles

  • We improve our client’s journey
  • We make our employee’s lives better
  • We make the world a better place

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Hungry for fresh

Sense Corp is the firm business leaders call when they realize recycled, off-the-shelf solutions aren’t taking them where they need to go.

Our History

In 1996, after years working at traditional consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies, four ambitiously optimistic individuals came to a realization: the old management consulting model was broken.

They envisioned a new breed of management consulting, one where experts would embed directly with clients to build customized solutions that actually work—across all departments of an organization.

Convinced of the need for such a firm, our founders left their successful careers and joined forces to create Sense Corp. Their new company would apply common sense business acumen to problems and come up with solutions that actually work.

We’re proud to say the growth of Sense Corp was immediate and explosive and continues to this day. Headquartered in St. Louis with operations in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, we’ve been listed on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies for five years running (2008-2012). Based on revenue growth, the Inc. 5000 List is the hallmark of leaders in business entrepreneurship.

We’ve also been voted a Best Place to Work by St. Louis Business Journal (2008 – 2012) and St. Louis Magazine (2009).

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